LifeStreet Employee Assistance Program

Landcom recognises that managing work, relationships, caring responsibilities, finances and other life needs can be challenging at times for us all. To support our staff, in FY19 Landcom introduced LifeStreet – a new Employee Assistance Program focused on wellbeing and an individual’s life as a whole.

LifeStreet offers workplace assistance services to all staff and immediate family members, and also has resources and tools for staff to use in their lives more broadly.

Digitally based, users can access their own LifeStreet profile via a secure login, and use a self-assessment tool to help direct them to the appropriate resources on their platform. Topics span health and wellness, family and relationships, work and career, psychological and emotional wellbeing, carers’ needs, financial management and planning, and purpose and contribution. Users can also be connected to coaches or medical professionals – such as sleep psychologists if that is an area of personal wellbeing improvement a user may need support with.

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